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The best way to appreciate an artist is to look at their work. Their art can tell you everything.








Digital Artist/Photographer

I see life as everyone as a story to tell, that every story as a different perspective, a view on a subject. It’s quite marvellous despite sharing our lives that we have different experiences, and because of this, I learn that no one else can experience the path I had in life and this open a doorway into art.

Art came early for me; my father liked to draw, I remember the cartoon characters he uses to draw and paint on my bedroom wall and as it turned out most of my family were artists in some shape or form, so it was in the blood. I use to spend hours drawing and painting in my spare time, unfortunately, I didn’t pursue a career in the arts and pursued a career in IT instead and as time went on my joy of the arts slowly became a distant memory.

Years later, I regained my passion for drawing and found out that it wasn't like riding a bike and became very disheartened by it and tried to explore different ways to express my inner passion and having IT background, I started to explore Digital Art. At first, it was for fun and the more practice, the more I wanted to know so decided to learn independently, by spending long hours at the computer, watching videos and constant practice.

As I progress my hunger to push became more intense and wanted to capture the world around me, photography was never a passion I'm was camera shy, but I need something to capture what it was I saw and create it into something different.

I started my journey in photography by taking stock photos for my artwork, and the more confident I became, the more I wanted to develop into other genres. To understand the fundamentals of a camera, I started to read books and took an online course with The Photography Institute, and while in the process try and decide what type of photographer I wanted to be. As time goes by I’m hoping to develop my style and create a world seen through my eyes.